Are you a Home Health Aide or Case Manger? Join Our Team.


Home Health Nurse LPN

We are hiring healthcare professionals to join our team. If you're an LPN and enjoy working with patients in the comfort of their homes, please read further.

Your Responsibilities

Assess patients’ condition during every visit and chart your observations
Perform evaluation tasks, including vital signs and medication review
Administer medication as prescribed by the patient’s Physician
Administer medication as prescribed by the patient’s Physician Dress or redress open wounds and assess progress of healing
Educate patients and their families on proper home health care strategies and procedures
Coordinate with Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Physicians and anyone else involved in the patient’s care plan
Make recommendations for devices or tools that might improve the patient’s quality of life
Listen to the patient and respond to concerns or requests

Medical Social Worker

A medical case manager serves as a liaison between a patient with long-term health issues, doctors and medical staff, and the patient’s family and friends. While a medical case manager does not offer medical diagnoses or treatment, he or she does monitor the patient’s treatment plan to ensure that those responsible for carrying it out are doing their respective jobs properly.

Your Responsibilities

Must be a licensed Social Worker
Excellent organizational skills
Must have multidisciplinary skills
Develop and maintain relationships

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